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Pneumatic Motor Updates

Deprag is continually working on expanding their range of pneumatic motors

Posted on 25 Feb, 2021
Pneumatic Motor Updates

Here, we will summarise recent updates to Deprag's enormous range of high quality air motors.  

  • Advanced Line click here to download new calalogue:
    • Stainless steel sealed motors
    • Most motors are now available in right rotation only versions, meaning approx 40% more power in the same size if you don't need to reverse!
    • power range has been increased, it is now 20 W to 2200W
    • brake motors now cover power ranges of 300W, 600W, 900W and 1600W 
    • updated ATEX approvals, most motors in this range are ATEX approved
  • Power Line click here to download new catalogue:
    • High powered motors 1.6 to 18kW including brake motors and motors with planetary, spur or worm drive gearboxes
    • Stainless steel motors are now available in powers of 1.6kW, 3.2kW, 5.0kW and 6.0kW
    • More ATEX approved motors are now available (previously 9kW and 18kW air motors were not ATEX approved)