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500W Collet Grinders

Deprag 500W straight collet grinders

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500W, 55,000rpm Straight Turbine Grinder
500W, 55,000rpm Straight Turbine Grinder
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The turbine motor in this series of straight grinders means that the tool has a higher speed and lower air consumption than a standard vane motor powered straight grinder. Best fabrication results in foundaries, tool, die and mould making shops.  Because of their high speed, these tools are ...
500W Straight Grinder
500W Straight Grinder
GDS050-xxx BXI
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From $782.10 ea.
Deprag Staright design grinder with collet for heavy duty grinding. Integrated speed regulator and ergonomic, insulated body. Safety Lever Start. Available in 20,000rpm, 25,000rpm or 30,000rpm versions.