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Updated Range of Advanced Line Air Motors

More models, higher power, newly ATEX approved

Posted on 12 Jul, 2019
Updated Range of Advanced Line Air Motors

Deprag have released their updated catalogue on the newly released range of ATEX approved Advanced Line motors.  In short, the changes are:

  • Motors now ATEX approved under new guidlines
  • Now even the smaller 20W and 30W motors are approved
  • Temerature ratings are now different for various gearings within the same power range
  • Numerous extra gearing ratios now available across the range
  • ATEX approved brake motors are now available across a wider range of motor sizes and also for the High Torque motors
  • Some of the high torque motors now have a larger diameter drive shaft
  • Threaded shafts are now available in 120W, 200W and 300W motor sizes
  • New power rating of 1,600W for size 8 motors

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Download the new catalogue here.