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High Volume Pallet Repairs

Posted on 11 Jun, 2016
High Volume Pallet Repairs

A quick visit to Youtube shows a few dangerous, slow and really clumsy methods of repairing pallets.  Using long bars to pull apart the broken rungs and bashing in old nails brings a tear to our eyes!  

Using a special crow bar of some kind is labor intensive and danegrous if the operator is not careful.  Banging old nails flat is not a good idea if you are  going to replace the rungs because when you nail it back on the new nail can hit the old one and bounce straight back out.

We see many work shops using electric sabre saws to cut off nails.  It doesn't matter how much they spend on these saws, often they don't even last a year and they are dangerous because the cords can easily be damaged.

Cengar has developed two tools especially for pallet repair shops that are repairing pallets all day.  These tools reduce the operators' fatigue so that they can work longer without slowing down, as well as reducing the risk of injury.

Cengar Pallet Repair Saw PL905

The PL905 air hacksaw is a reliable workhorse that will easily last years of year round single shift work.  It features low vibration, a rugged housing and a simple pistion motor that just keeps on going as long as you have clean air and it is lubricated correctly.


Pallet Spreader

The PS2 pallet spreader effortlessly lifts the pallet rungs enough so that you can cut the nails.  A stopper stops the rung from springing out to hit someone in the face.





We also have pneumatic cutters that work exactly like hand operated side cutters, but they are powered by compressed air and easily will cut the toughest nails.

Stop losing money and putting your team at risk, there is a better way!  Please contact us for a demonstration.