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Deprag Feeder Technology

Intelligent, Efficient Feeding from the experts

Posted on 07 Jun, 2019
Deprag Feeder Technology

Experts in Feeding Technology

  • Over 40 years experience
  • Over 35,000 feeders manufactures
  • Worldwide availability
  • Single source
  • Highest quality
  • Industry 4.0 compliance
  • Technical cleanliness available
  • Modular design


We have the perfect solution to your feeding requirments:

  • Vibratory bowl feeders
  • Sword feeders
  • Linear conveyors
  • Pick & place devices
  • Tape on reel feeders
  • Screw presentors
  • Press inserting systems
  • Customised solutions

Worldwide Availability

Deprag have a network of exclusive partners and subsidiaries in every industrial country of the world so they are always close to their global customers.  Their customers benifit from the technical knowledge of Deprag's knowledge as well as the knowledge and experience of their local representatives.

Single Source

In-house designed and manufactered

Your start to finish solution: application advice, operator training, fully developed system components, screwdrivers, feeders, controllers and process monitoring.  All components are designed to be compatible with eachother and have been tried and tested over many decades.


More than 4 decades of experience in th design and manufacture of feeders.  The ISO certified standards of Deprag's production facilities guarantee consistent high quality.

More than 35,000 feeders manufactured

Ready for production

All feeders are rigorously tested before delivery in a production simulation. Each feeder must pass this testing with zero failures, so you can be confident that the device will be ready for production as soon as it is delivered.

Outstanding reliability and efficiency

  • Fast feed rate
  • Complex components can be correctly orintated and reliably feed or presented
  • Option for multiple outlet feeding devices
  • Storage systems such as bulk belt driven hoppers are available to increase the feeders' capacity

Vertically integrated

Because of the high level of verticale integration, Deprag are able to make use of specially selected hardend and wear resistant materials as well as specificial coating methods to ensure the outstanding quality and reliablitiy of their products.