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Automatic Label Dispensers, Australia

Genuine Yaesu Keikogyo Co., Ltd label dispensers imported directly from Japan.   Take a label and the next one is quickly and automatically presented.

Fast and easy to set up.  Reliable operation for high production environments.

High quality label presenting machines for production work, imported into Australia from Japan.  Local support and spare parts availabilty.


Yaesu Label Dispnser LDX60            Yaesu Label Presenter, Australian importers


Model Label Width (mm) Label Length (mm) Feed Speed (mm/s) Max Roll Dia  Weight Comment
LDX-60   15-60   10-999   100-200 200 mm 2.1kg

Most popular models.

Count labels, 6 speed settings, auto / manual mode. 

LDX120       15-120   10-999   100-200 250 mm 3.3kg
LDX180     15-180    10-999   100-200 300 mm 4.6kg
HLD2000    10-75    5-100   125-282 180 mm 4.2kg

Fast, heavy duty! Stainless steel body

PLD3000       4-75    4-100    8.3-14 180 mm 3.1kg Heavy duty. For tiny labels down to 4x4 mm. Stainless steel body



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