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Deprag Automatic Vibratory Screw Feeders

Deprag vibratory feeders and auto feed screwdrivers have been Various sized Deprag Vibratory bowl feedersmanufactured in Germany since the 70's and are among the best screw feeding machines in the world.  Over 35,000 feeders have been delivered worldwide over the last 40 years.  We have been proudly importing Deprag vibratory feeders and auto feed screwdriver feeders for over 20 years.

Automatic feeders dramatically improve assembly time by delivering small parts like screws, pins, balls, rivets etc. directly to a handpiece or machine mounted assembly unit.  There is no fumbling to pick up and orientate the part.  In the case of screw feeders, the screw is delivered to the end of a torque controlled screwdriver.  Screws are assembled to torque quickly and a new screw is automatically reloaded as soon as the assembly is done.

Deprag design and manufacture their screw feeders and auto feed screwdrivers in the same factory in Amberg, Germany.  Every feeder is supplied with comprehensive documentation and parts list, which ensures that you will still be able to order parts well into the future.  We can feed parts to a handpiece or to screw assembly machine mounted equipment.

Screw Assembly MachineAlthough Deprag is well known for screw assembly machines, we can also supply screw feeders for most other small parts including nuts, balls, washers, rivets, bolts, pins etc.  Deprag screw and parts feeders are available in single outlet up to 6 outlets from the same bowl.  We also have twin spiral vibratory feed bowls as well as sword feeders.


We can feed screws from M1 upto M16, and our feeder capacities range from 0.05L upto 12L.

Our vibratory feeders are available in the following capacities:

  • 0.05L   Deprag screw feeding machine with hand guided screwdriver
  • 0.15L
  • 0.75L
  • 1.2L
  • 2.5L
  • 6.0L
  • 12.0L









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